figure skating competitions & clinics

Clinics & Special Coach Visits

LSA is excited to announce some great clinics and special coach visits that we will offer to our members this year. We hope that you will discuss these opportunities with your coaches and plan accordingly.

First, as many of you know, Chris Conte returns next week as a follow up to last summer’s Grassroots to Champions Seminar. He will be in town from November 14-16. I know most of the coaches have been in contact with their students over the last month regarding Chris’ visit. If you are interested and have not had a chance to talk to your coach about it, please do so and have your coach contact me about a lesson time. There are some daytime slots left. In addition to the work Chris will do with the skaters at LSA, he will spend time training our coaching staff on the off-ice harness which will be available for use starting at the end of next week.

Next, on January 7 and 8th, Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov will visit LSA. As an ice dancing team, Melissa and Denis won 6 medals at US Championships and competed at the 2006 Olympics. They are married (to each other) and coach in CT. They founded Fever on Ice, a program that combines learn-to-skate sessions with academics and targets middle school students. This program has been nationally recognized. Their visit will include a clinic for all of our skaters on power and presentation. In addition, they are available for private lessons in artistry, skating skills, dance or free skate.

Our plan for March is to bring in a spins specialist for private lessons. We are working on the details and will communicate as soon as possible.

Save the dates of June 13 and 14 for the Grassroots to Champions 2013 clinic!! Chris , Sheila and Audrey will be back to work with the skaters on Thursday and present the clinic on Friday. This will be a another great opportunity for our skaters. Please put these dates on your calendar so you can be a part of this terrific event!!

Finally, in late summer, we are working on another follow up session focusing on spins or other technical aspects of free skate. Details are open right now but we want you to be aware of these intentions in your planning processes.

As always, please discuss your goals and plans with your head coach. I hope these opportunities are exciting to you all. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

–Rebecca Hatch-Purnell, LSA Director of Skating