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The Louisville Skating Academy, in conjunction with Learn to Skate USA, has provided the following guides to getting started skating. All Guides are in PDF format.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Louisville Skating Academy Learn to Skate program.

Skaters should wear comfortable, layered clothing. Water resistant outer layers are helpful. Gloves or mittens are recommended. Socks should be snug and not bunched. Wear only one pair! Properly fitted helmets are strongly recommended for all skaters age 5 and under.
Many of our skaters have never even seen a pair of ice skates before their initial class. If you have never taken lessons, you will start in Snowplow Sam (tots), Basic 1 or Adult Basic 1 and will work on falling down and getting up first!
Classes are color coded and you will pick up a name tag in your color at the registration desk on the first day. On that day, a map of the classes is located by the door to the rink and teachers will be looking for skaters with their color.
Rental skates are free for skaters enrolled in LSA’s group lesson program. Use rentals until you know you really love to skate because good skates are an investment. Skates should fit very snugly. Ask for a pair 1 size below your shoe size.

Louisville Skating Academy recommends that you purchase figure skates through a knowledgeable dealer. To inquire about new skates, please call LSA Skating Director at (502) 830-8607 or [email protected]

In addition, LSA has an inventory of used skates and bi-annual used equipment sales.

Skating is skating, and the lessons learned in the first several levels are appropriate for figure skating, hockey or recreational skating.
Practice makes perfect! Skate as often as possible and practice what you have learned in class.
LSA offers on and off-ice classes and sessions for dedicated skaters year-round such as:
Yes. LSA is pleased to offer discounts for scout groups, school groups, youth groups, etc.

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