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LSA Figure Skating Coaches

Louisville Skating Academy aims to have the highest quality professionals involved in all club programs. The LSA Skating Director is responsible for engaging instructors for the learn-to-skate program and other group lesson programs. The Skating Director also grants teaching privileges to instructors who wish to teach private lessons with LSA. Instructor credentials are reviewed and assessed based on the needs of the club at the time.

The instructors listed below provide private lessons on LSA sessions as independent contractors and are not employed by LSA. Skaters wishing to hire a coach for private lessons are encouraged to ask questions and interview instructors to be sure that goals and methods are compatible.

As independent contractors, coaches charge different rates. Hourly fees for lessons on the ice are listed below.  In addition, coaches may charge for other services such as travel to competitions and test sessions or music editing.  LSA recommends discussing all fees prior to entering into a professional-student relationship.

LSA strongly encourages all coaches to increase their knowledge of the sport through membership in the Professional Skaters Association and to seek accreditation through the PSA's ratings process.

Rebecca Hatch-Purnell, LSA Director of Skating

Rebecca Hatch-Purnell,
Louisville Skating Academy Director of Skating

Rebecca has achieved USFS Gold in Moves in the Field and has passed the 5th Figure test, Novice Freestyle and Silver Dance level. She has achieved the Professional Skaters Association ratings of Master Group Instructor, Master Moves in the Field Instructor, Certified Freestyle Instructor, Registered Synchronized Instructor and Registered Program Director. She holds a Level III Ranking and has coached singles skaters at the U.S. junior national championships and U.S. sectional championships. Becca graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College with a B.A. in Chinese Language and Economics and worked for more than 10 years in finance and business management. She teaches freestyle, moves in the field, synchronized skating and basic skills. Rate: $63/hr.

(502) 415-0962

Sarah Neal, LSA Show Artistic Director

Sarah Neal,
Louisville Skating Academy Artistic Director

Sarah holds Master ratings in Moves in the Field and Group Instruction and Certified ratings in Free Skate and Dance. In addition, she holds a Level III ranking, as she has coached skaters at the U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships in both singles and dance, at the U.S. Championships in dance, and at the U.S. Collegiate Championships as well as the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships and National Showcase. Sarah holds a BA in Spanish and English from Butler University and holds an M.A. in Spanish Linguistics with an emphasis in Second Language Acquisition from Arizona State University. Prior to moving home to Louisville, Sarah coached in Arizona and directed a skating program in Madrid, Spain. She has been a Spanish instructor at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky since 2003, the Artistic Director of Louisville Skating Academy since 2004, and is currently coaching skaters of all ages, abilities and goals. Sarah teaches free skate, moves in the field, dance, and basic skills. Rate: $63/hr.

(502) 819-7751

photo unavailable

Donny Adair

Donny has been coaching for approximately 25 years and has been a member of the PSA for almost 20 years. He holds a PSA Master Rating in Dance and Free Dance. Donny earned a Level V Ranking for his coaching accomplishments. Donny and his wife, Kelley Morris-Adair, created a dance program in Indianapolis, Indiana that developed over 30 dance teams qualifying for Sectional, National and International Championships. They coached United States National Dance Champions at the Junior, Novice and Juvenile levels. Donny was the 1986 United States Dance Champion and placed 6th in the World Championships with Reneé Roca. Donny teaches dance, moves in the field and fundamental skating skills for all disciplines of the sport. Rate: $72/hr. plus expenses.

(317) 753-1883

Kelley Morris-Adair

Kelley Morris-Adair

Kelley, Past President of the Professional Skaters Association, has been coaching for approximately 35 years and holds a Master rating in Moves in the Field, Dance, Free Dance, and a Registered Free Skate rating. She has earned a Level V Ranking for her coaching accomplishments. Kelley currently serves on the Board of Directors of U.S. Figure Skating. Kelley and her husband, Donald Adair, created a dance program in Indianapolis, Indiana that developed over 30 dance teams qualifying for Sectional, National and International Championships. They coached United States National Dance Champions at the Junior, Novice and Juvenile levels. Kelley has enjoyed coaching single skaters at the Novice, Junior and Senior levels for Team USA. Kelley has been a pioneer with the moves in the field structure. She was a member of both the original MIF task force and the recent team that revised the MIF tests. Kelley travels to rinks around the country to work with coaches and athletes on skating skills, turn execution, stroking, footwork, choreography and basic fundamentals of ice skating. Rate: $72/hr. plus expenses.

(317) 753-1884

Susan Caudill

Susan Caudill

Susan Caudill has achieved USFS Gold in Dance and holds the PSA ratings of Master in Moves in the Field, Dance and Group Instruction. In addition, Susan holds the rating of Certified Figures and Freestyle. Susan and her partner were Midwestern Bronze and Silver Dance Champions and placed 4th at Nationals in Silver Dance. Susan has coached teams to compete at the the U.S. Championships in dance. She has a B.A. in Business Administration from Butler University. Susan teaches basicskills, freestyle, moves in the field, and dance. Rate: $58/hr.

(502) 649-6051

Kristen Clark Grassman

Kirsten Clark Grassman

Kirsten has passed USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Gold Freestyle and Gold Dance. She competed at the U.S. Midwest Sectional Championships, representing Louisville Skating Academy. Kirsten teaches basic skills, freestyle, and moves in the field. Rate: $36/hr.

(502) 457-6166

Jessica Mills Kincade

Jessica Mills Kincade

Jessica is a former World Jr. Champion and National Jr. Ladies Silver medalist. At the Senior level she was a three time Regional Champion, Sectional Medalist and four time National competitor. Internationally, she earned a bronze medal at Skate Canada. She has achieved gold level in U.S. Figure Skating's disciplines of Freestyle, School Figures and Moves in the Field. She has achieved the Professional Skaters Association rating of Registered Free Skate Instructor. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Marymount University and worked for 10 years as a Merchandiser in New York City in the intimate apparel industry. While in New York she performed professionally with the Ice Theatre of New York. Jessica teaches freestyle, moves in the field, choreography and basic skills. Rate: $56/hr.

(917) 400-3320

photo unavailable

Emily Ridge

Emily has passed USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Intermediate Freestyle and Pre-Gold Dance. She is a student at University of Louisville. Emily teaches basic skills, freestyle, and moves in the field. Rate: $32/hr.

(502) 457-7970

Valory Thompson

Valory Thompson

Valory is a U.S and Canadian double Gold medalist in figures and freestyle. She competed nationally and internationally through the junior level. She won the Vienna Cup in Austria and also represented the U.S. in Milan, Italy. She has been coaching for approximately 25 years and has taught all levels from beginners to National, International and junior world level skaters. She teaches Basic Skills and Freestyle. She enjoys choreography and has been involved in the off ice training of her competitive students as well. Rate: $60/hr.

(513) 827-2851

Heidi Whitlow

Heidi Whitlow

Heidi Whitlow has passed USFS Novice Moves in the Field, Adult Gold Moves in the Field, Juvenile Freestyle and Pre-Gold Dance as well as ISI 8 Free Skate, ISI 4 Pairs and ISI 8 Couples. Heidi has achieved the ratings of Master Group Instructor, Certified Freestyle Instructor and Certified Senior Moves in the Field Instructor. She holds a B.S. in Journalism/Advertising and in Agriculture/Horticulture. Heidi teaches basic skills, freestyle, moves in the field, and synchronized skating. Rate: $58/hr.

(502) 633-9241

LSA Junior Instructors

LSA Junior Instructors are under age 20 and charge $24/hr for private lessons.

Will Shawver
Has achieved USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Gold Dance, Novice Free Dance and Novice Freestyle
Ravnn Thornton
Has achieved USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Pre-Gold Dance and Intermediate Freestyle.
(502) 269-2628
Krista Weyhing
Has achieved USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Gold Dance, Gold Solo Free Dance, and Juvenile Freestyle.
(502) 552-2737
Sarah Dutton
Has achieved USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Gold Dance, and Juvenile Freestyle
Meredith Moser
Has achieved USFS Gold Moves in the Field, Pre-Silver Dance, and Intermediate Freestyle
Evan Whitlow
Has achieved USFS Good Moves in the Field and Gold Freeskate

Off-Ice Instructors

Sean Dillon

Sean Dillion, CPT, allPRO Assistant Director, Louisville Skating Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sean is a long-time coach of Louisville Skating Academy off-ice strengthening and injury prevention program. Sean has been working in the field of Physical Therapy for over 16 years and is Assistant Director of allPRO Sports performance a division of ProRehab Physical Therapy. He has worked in sports enhancement for 10 years and works with many athletes in the Louisville area with a special interest in the development and implementation of functional training and performance enhancement in youth athletes. Sean is also passionate about providing athletes with fun and functional training that promotes self-sufficiency. Through this relationship with AllPro/ProRehab, LSA skaters are able to access Sport Certified and Orthopedic Certified Physical Therapists.

photo unavailable

University of Louisville Dance Academy

The University of Louisville Dance Academy seeks to provide to Louisville and the surrounding region the finest classical dance training. ULDA and LSA have had a partnership for approximately 5 years.

photo unavailable

Haylee Sullivan, Pilates

Haylee has been a Pilates instructor for 13 years. She also was a competitive figure skater and ice dancer, competing at the intermediate, novice and junior levels. She has achieved the gold dance level and passed two international dances. Haylee teaches Pilates, Girotonics, and Yamuna Body Rolling, as well as Vertimax. She teaches both private and group Pilates lessons.

photo unavailable

Andy Blair and Christy Byers

Andy Blair has taught Ballroom dancing in Louisville for 32 years and is the owner of Blair's Ballroom. Along with teaching, Andy likes to instruct his students in the cultural and historical aspects of each dance. He enjoys traveling to countries where the dances originate to learn the local approach. Fencing is also a great passion for Andy. He excels at sabre and is a three time Kentucky Sabre Champion. Christy Byers has been a ballroom dance instructor at Blair's Ballroom in Louisville for since 1998. Her instruction includes social dancing as well as preparing students for major competitions. She has been awarded the prestigious title of "Top Teacher of the Year" for 3 years in a row by the United States Pro/Am Dance competitions and has been awarded Top Female Teacher every year since 2003 at the United States Pro/Am Dance Championships held in Louisville. Andy and Christy are available for on ice instruction. They teach together at a rate of $100/hour.

(502) 905-9967

Visiting Coaches

Local coaches who teach at other facilities in the area or visiting coaches from out of town who wish to teach on LSA ice time must have permission from the LSA Skating Director, must show proof of insurance, must have completed the coach registration process with USFS, and must pay an upfront fee in order to teach on LSA sessions.

Certain coaches may be exempt from the upfront fee if approved by the Skating Director. Such exempt coaches would include professionals brought in from time to time to work with many skaters on a specific area such as dance partners or as part of a club-wide special event such as a clinic. Visits from such coaches will be communicated to the entire coaching group by the coaching director or her designee.

Guest Professional Application

Questions When Hiring a Coach

  • What are your personal skating accomplishments?
  • What are the accomplishments of your students?
  • How long have you been a coach and what other jobs have you held?
  • What disciplines do you teach regularly?
  • Do you teach beginner or competitive level skaters or both?
  • Are you a member of any professional organizations such as United States Figure Skating Association, the Professional Skaters Association or the Ice Skating Institute?
  • Do you hold any ratings from the Professional Skaters Association?
  • What is your hourly rate? Do you charge any other fees?
  • What is your policy for student No Shows?
  • What are your goals when you teach?
  • Do you carry insurance?

Coaches Log-in

Coaches, log-in to your secure section of the LSA site for forms, policies, etc.

A username and password is required for access. for more information.

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