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Figure Skating Registration

Summer Contract Registration

Legal Notice: By enrolling in classes using this portal, you are entering into a legally binding contract with Louisville Skating Academy. Any class fees incurred through enrollment on this portal are your responsibility.

Contract Session

Monday, June 7, 2021 - Friday, August 13, 2021

Contract Dates


Registration for June 7, 2021 Contract opens for ALL skaters on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. and closes Friday, May 21, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.
Late registration open through Sunday, May 23 at 5:00 PM.


The full balance owed for registration must be paid IN FULL to reserve a spot in that session. If payment is not made at the time of registration, you may lose your spot. If a class is full, please email the to be placed on a wait list for that session.


There is a $50 late fee for any registrations after Friday, May 21, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. Please contact the for questions about late registration.

  • The skater must be a FULL, ASSOCIATE or COLLEGIATE MEMBER of LSA at the time of registration to contract for this contract period.
  • The LSA COVID-19 Return to the Rink Plan & Policies are incorporated into this contract and are expressly included as terms of this contract.
  • Skate at your own risk. If no ice monitor or coach is on the ice, you are responsible for your child or your own person. Ice monitors are a volunteer position and LSA cannot guarantee an ice monitor will be present at every session. You are responsible for the safety and behavior of your child on the rink and at the Iceland facility.

Please Remember

  1. Class confirmation and invoices will NOT be emailed.
  2. Please contact the Contract Account Manager for changes or late sign ups. Changes are within the discretion of the contract committee, and will only be considered when the change is for a session of equal or lesser value, there is space for the skater on the other session, the request for the change is made more than 48 hours before the day this contract period begins, and the change does not result in any financial loss to LSA. Note that a late fee of $10 will be assessed for any changes, and for late payments.
  3. No Trades or Flex Cards are available at this time.

Open and Freestyle "Walk On" Session Registration

Walk-On Sessions can now be purchased through members' Entryeeze Account. Please see the instructions on Entryeeze for specific details. Once a Walk-On session is purchased, no trades or credits will be given regardless of whether the member attends the purchased Walk-On session.

The following is a general description of the Walk-On procedure:

  • Walk-on sessions must be purchased before the first session of the day.
  • Sessions must be purchased by:
    • 6:00 AM for all Tuesday and Friday morning sessions;
    • 3:00 PM for all weekday afternoon sessions;
  • Sessions become available for purchase at 12 AM Sunday the week the sessions are on. Only one week at a time will be available for purchase.
  • Skaters must print the walk-on payment receipt and put it on the ice monitor table OR text a photo of the receipt to 502-830-8607.
  • Skaters must check in with the ice monitor. If the session does not have an ice monitor, the skater must write their name and the date in the binder on the appropriate page.
  • Skaters wanting to walk-on to a full session should contact the skating director, Jessica Mills Kincade, at 502-830-8607 or .
  • Please note there will be a processing fee added by Entryeeze for all Walk-Ons.

Walk-On Procedure Tutorial

View the Power Point presentation regarding the walk-on procedures.

Walk-On Procedure Tutorial - Power Point

"Walk On" Prices for individual Freestyle or Open sessions are as follows:

  • 30 minute - $9
  • 50 minute - $15
  • 60 minute - $18
  • 20 minute on-ice class - $12
  • 30 minute on-ice class - $15
  • Saturday 50 minute - $16.00

"Walk On" Prices for Off-Ice/Virtual Classes:

  • 60 minute virtual yoga - $12
  • 40 minute virtual conditioning - $12
  • 45 minute ballet/stretch - $16
  • 30 minute conditioning at Iceland - $12
  • 60 minute conditioning at Pro Rehab - $20

Contract Committee Members

Contract Chair:
John Hoffman

Contract Account Manager:
Stephanie Peters

Contract Technical Contact:
Stephanie Peters

Skating Director/Programming:
Jessica Mills Kincade

Index – This contract is divided into 8 sections for easy reference

  1. LSA Contract Information
  2. Sessions
  3. Levels
  4. Scheduling Options
  5. Payment Information
  6. Serious Injury or Illness Policy
  7. Registration Process
  8. Other

Section I – LSA Contract Information

Skaters who wish to register for this Training Program must:

  1. Be current associate, collegiate or full* members of LSA at the time of registration AND for the duration of the entire contract. *Adult Limited Membership does not include the right to enter into this contract.
  2. Have no outstanding balances owed to LSA, including prior contract payments, NSF fees, walk on fees or any other amounts owed to LSA.
  3. Be a Member in Good Standing with USFSA.
  • Information on joining LSA Figure Skating Club available here.
  • This contract offers on- and off-ice classes and sessions for skaters of all levels.
  • Questions about this website should be directed to .
  • Questions about individual registrations should be directed to the .

Section II – Sessions

LSA offers on- and off-ice sessions for skaters of all levels. Descriptions of classes and sessions offered are listed below. Every class described may not be offered during this specific registration period. Please refer to the actual schedule.

Description of On-Ice Sessions and Classes

  • Free Skate Session: On-ice time for practice and/or private lessons. Free skate sessions are designated by skating level (see Skating Levels below) to provide optimal training and safety for the skaters on these sessions.. Skaters who are in dance lessons with an LSA instructor or designated testing partner may skate as a unit. Synchronized team members may practice their programs on free skate sessions in units of two.
  • Power Class: The primary focus of this class will be creating and maintaining power, improving stamina and endurance, and focusing on body alignment.
  • Edges and Curves Class: The focus of this class will be edge quality and turns. Skaters also will focus on maintaining flow.
  • Spins Class: Skaters will work on all types of spins, from the three basic spins on both feet, to variations in each position, combination spins and flying spins. Skaters will be assigned to groups according to level.
  • Jumps Class: The focus of this class is technique for axel and double jumps. Much of the class will be spent on learning exercises and drills to help land these jumps properly and consistently. Backspin and loop jump are recommended.
  • Preliminary Dance Class: For skaters who have not taken any patterned dance tests or who have not completed the preliminary dance level (Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues). This class will focus on the beginning concepts of ice dance.
  • Synchronized Team Practice: Skaters who have been named to the synchronized skating teams will practice during the time designated for their team. Practice is included in the synchronized team contract.

Description of Off-Ice Sessions and Classes

Please note that Off-Ice classes are offered for skaters age 7 and older or who have passed the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test.

  • Strength & Conditioning: This program has been developed to increase the performance, health and well-being of skaters and is run by David Boyce, physical therapist, Bellarmine professor, and outpatient clinic owner. Athletes will perform a circuit of exercises specifically developed for the LSA skaters. Attention will be given to all parts of the body including torso, legs, hips, upper body and arms. Early Fall classes will be 50?60 minutes in length. Start times may be slightly adjusted to accommodate sub-grouping of athletes. Participating skaters will be given an orthopedic evaluation if such skater has any musculoskeletal complaint. A physical therapist will perform the screen either on-site, or at a Physical Therapy Plus facility, at no charge. If further medical treatment is required, Physical Therapy Plus will assist in the process of getting the appropriate medical care required (i.e. referral to MD or rehabilitation).
  • Yoga: LSA has partnered with Yoga East to offer yoga classes for skaters. Focus will be on mindfulness, breathing, stretching, and developing body awareness and strength. Skaters should bring a mat to class.
  • Off Ice Jump Class: Skaters will work on exercises to enhance jump technique. Drills will be aimed at controlling take off, enhancing air time, improving air position and maintaining landing positions.
  • Off Ice Warm Up: Warming up off the ice is a key component in getting the body ready to perform on the ice at maximum potential and in preventing injuries. Skating is a power sport that requires strength, endurance, agility and flexibility. Off ice warm ups will include strength exercises, dynamic stretches, off ice jumps and light endurance and will get the muscles ?ready to fire? when skaters step on the ice.

Section III – Levels

Skating levels are defined by LSA for the Competitive Training Program only and are used to maintain training quality and provide a safer environment. The levels are not the same as U.S. Figure Skating levels. LSA levels are used solely to determine which skaters are eligible for different classes and sessions such as free skate, on-ice classes and off-ice programs. Skaters must have achieved the test levels indicated by the date the contract is submitted. Most sessions are limited to 20 skaters with the exception of the Open sessions and group classes.

Free Skate, On-ice Classes, Off-ice Programs:

  • High: Intermediate Free Skate, Novice Moves in the Field
  • Intermediate: Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, Juvenile Moves in the Field, or Adult Silver Moves
  • Low: Passed Basic Skills Level 4 and up or lower if the skater has a lesson with a coach
  • Open: Skaters of any level
  • Adult: Skaters 18+ years of age

Special Circumstances

In recognition of the fact that occasionally there will be special circumstances where a skater needs access to a session or class for which they are not qualified (either too high or too low) LSA has a policy to take into account these issues. This policy is initiated by the coach or instructor, not the skater or parent, by conferring with the Skating Director. In considering the session in question such factors as: number of skaters registered, number of instructors on the session, overall make-up of the session (weak, very low, low, mixed, high, powerful) and physical size of skaters, as well as the expectations of those who registered for the session are all taken into account. The Skating Director has the authority and responsibility to grant, refer to another more suitable session, refuse, or establish parameters for each request. A signed permission slip or other written confirmation (may be email or text) from the Skating Director must be submitted to the ice monitor or Contract Chair when the skater signs in and pays in full for the session.

Level Changes

Session eligibility is based on the skater's test level on the date the contract is submitted. Skaters must contract at their current test level, not an anticipated test level. A skater's contract will not be altered mid-season if such skater passes a test that effects his or her session eligibility. Skaters may walk-on sessions based on their level at such time (i.e., this might change mid-season). Skaters who take out of town tests must email the LSA Test Chair to request that confirmation of a passed test be sent to the contract committee for an update in LSA's records. Such confirmation will occur once the test is reflected within the USFS system.

Section IV – Scheduling Options

Schedule Changes (Made by LSA)

LSA reserves the right to adjust the schedule due to insufficient enrollment. LSA cannot guarantee timeliness of all on-ice sessions as it pertains to Iceland Sports Complex, their employees or their equipment. LSA also reserves the right to reschedule sessions for situations caused by Iceland Sports Complex, their employees and their equipment. It is at the discretion of the contract committee to issue credit for delays or time missed.

Walk On Procedure:

Walk-ons are allowed but must be done in advance. The parent or coach should notify the skating director the by 5:00 p.m. the day before the requested session. Upon notice that there is availability on the session, a PayPal invoice will be initiated to the skater's parent.

Trade Procedure:

Trades will now be allowed to permit skaters to use "trades" if they are unable to attend one of their contract sessions. In the event of a missed session, a trade becomes valid for one subsequent session during that contract period. One trade will be issued to those members whose registration totals a minimum of $100. One additional trade will be issued for each additional $100 of ice time purchased, up to a maximum of 3 trades. Contracts within immediate families will not be combined together to equal or reach trade threshold amounts. Trades may NOT be used in advance and are valid only during the registration period in which they were issued. Trades may not be sold, transferred or exchanged except within the immediate family with two or more skaters. The skating director will track all trades earned and used.

Similar to walk ons, trades must be arranged in advance with the skating director. The parent or coach should notify the skating director by 5:00 p.m. the day before the requested session. The parent or coach should notify the skating director of the desire to use a trade and the date and time session that the skater missed. The skating director will confirm there is room on the requested session and that the skater has a trade available to use.

Section V – Payment Information

All paymentsshouldbe made at the time of registration.For late fees and late registration, please see above terms.A credit card processing fee of 3.8% will be added to your bill.

Section VI – Serious Injury or Illness Policy

LSA recognizes that a skater may incur a serious injury or illness which forces a skater to miss a significant amount of ice time. In these rare and unfortunate instances of serious injury or illness, LSA will continue to extend credit in approved situations for unused ice time. Credit of 50% for missed sessions for injuries 30 consecutive ice days or more will be considered. In order to be considered for this credit, both of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The serious injury or illness is unanticipated and has occurred either (a) after the submission of the contract for the current ice session, or (b) during the current skating session. (Pre-existing, chronic, and previously known conditions are not recognized in this policy; it is the responsibility of the skater/contracting party to plan for any such condition when entering into a skating contract with LSA).
  2. The skater is restricted, in the opinion of a medical provider, from participating in all forms of on- and off- ice training for thirty (30) or more consecutive ice days. An ice day is defined as any day LSA has contracted to skate with Iceland for the current session. (This policy is not designed to credit skaters for minor injury or common illnesses).

In addition to the above criteria being met the following process is to be followed for consideration of ice credit:

  1. The skater or parent must put the LSA Contract Chair on notice of the injury or serious illness within three (3) ice days of the occurrence of the injury or knowledge an illness will potentially be longer-term. Notice may be given by . This allows LSA to open the skater's slot for potential use by other skaters.
  2. Print and have the treating medical professional complete the Serious Injury or Illness Credit Request Form. Serious Injury or Illness Credit Request forms are due to LSA as soon as possible, but for liability reasons must be submitted before an injured or seriously ill skater resumes participation in on-ice or off-ice training. Forms are to be submitted electronically to the LSA Contract Chair or in person to John Hoffman.
  3. Skater must continue to make all contract payments during the time of the injury.

Approval of ice credits is solely at the discretion of LSA in all instances; credits will not be considered if the above criteria and process are not met and followed. If ice credit is extended, credits may be used for future payments toward training time only and must be used in the next available skating session for which a skater's medical restrictions have been lifted. Credits may not be sold, traded or exchanged. In no case will skaters receive refunds due to injury or illness. To request a credit, skaters must attach proof of approval to the registration document for the next skating session.

Please note: Decisions of the contract committee chair are final.

Section VII – Registration Process

The registration process will be done online through Entryeeze.

Any technical issues with the online registration or enrollment forms can be directed to the

Section VIII – Other


Skaters who have tragic or life-altering special circumstances may request a refund in writing to the Chair of the Contract Committee. Such refund request must be made prior to the start of the contract season for which refund is requested, and refunds will not be considered after this date for any reason. The LSA Board of Directors will determine the amount of the refund, if any. The full amount will not be refunded under any circumstances. Contract Committee Contact Chair: John Hofmann, .

Proper Attire

Proper skating attire is required for all LSA sessions. Skaters must wear figure skates. Hockey skates are prohibited. Female skaters should wear skating dresses or skirts, skate pants, or other athletic attire. Males should wear skating pants or other athletic attire. Jeans, jean shorts and street attire are not allowed.



Legal Notice: By enrolling in classes using this portal, you are entering into a legally binding contract with Louisville Skating Academy. Any class fees incurred through enrollment on this portal are your responsibility.

Summer Session Schedule

Session Schedule