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Figure Skating Sessions & Classes

Louisville Skating Academy offers the following figure skating classes and sessions. Each class described below may not be offered during a specific registration period. Please refer to the registration page for more information.

On-ice Sessions and Classes

Free Skate Session

On-ice time for practice and/or private lessons. Free skate sessions are designated by skating level (see “Skating Levels”) to provide optimal training and safety for the skaters on these sessions.

Moves and Dance Session

This on-ice session is designed for those skaters working on U.S. Figure Skating dance and moves tests. Skater's moves level (during the school year sessions) will determine eligibility for this session. Music for the compulsory dances will be played. No group instruction will be provided. Private lessons may be taken during this session.

Dance Session

This on-ice session is designed for those skaters working on U.S. Figure Skating dance tests. Skater's dance level will determine eligibility for this session. Competitive dance teams will be allowed to skate on both high and low sessions. Music for the compulsory dances will be played. No group instruction will be provided. Private lessons may be taken during this session.

Power Class

The primary focus of this class will be creating and maintaining power, improving stamina and endurance, and focusing on body alignment.

Jump Class

This class will focus on the different aspects of jump technique in a group setting.

Edges and Curves Class

The focus of this class will be edge quality and turns. Skaters also will focus on maintaining flow.

Junior Academy (formerly the Bridge Program)

Junior Academy is a special session that will be held periodically throughout the year. Skaters in the learn-to-skate program or the lower levels of the competitive training program are invited to a 50 minute or one hour session to free skate, meet each other and make connections that they may have for the rest of their skating careers.

Off-ice Sessions and Classes

Ballet for Skaters

LSA has partnered with the University of Louisville Dance Academy to offer a comprehensive ballet program for skaters. Classes will be held at Iceland and will be limited to 12 participants. This off-ice class will focus on classical ballet concepts to enhance figure skating.

Strength and Conditioning

This program has been developed to increase the performance, health and well-being of skaters and is run by David Boyce, physical therapist, Bellarmine professor, and outpatient clinic owner. Athletes will perform a circuit of exercises specifically developed for the LSA skaters. Attention will be given to all parts of the body including torso, legs, hips, upper body and arms. Depending on the time of the year, skaters will complete the workout in approximately 20 to 40 minutes. Also, start times may be slightly adjusted to accommodate sub-grouping of athletes. Participating skaters will be given an orthopedic evaluation if such skater has any musculoskeletal complaint. A physical therapist will perform the screen either on-site, or at a Physical Therapy Plus facility, at no charge. If further medical treatment is required, Physical Therapy Plus will assist in the process of getting the appropriate medical care required (i.e. referral to MD or rehabilitation).

Stretch and Flexibility

This off-ice class will focus on flexibility, extension and stretch. It will be taught by Liliya Khasin, a Louisville area rhythmic gymnastics instructor. Like figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics combines strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and agility. Liliya has been coaching for more than 30 years. She coached elite gymnasts in her native country and has developed 8 Junior Olympic Team Representatives from Louisville since she moved here in 1990.


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Skating Levels

Most sessions are limited to 20 skaters with the exception of the Open sessions and group classes. To maintain training quality and provide a safer environment, sessions and classes are organized by level as outlined below. These skating levels are defined by LSA for the LSA training program only and are used solely to determine which skaters are eligible for different classes and sessions. These levels are not the same as U.S. Figure Skating levels. Skaters must have achieved one of the test levels indicated.


Intermediate Free Skate, Novice Moves in the Field


Pre-juvenile Free Skate, Juvenile Moves in the Field, or Adult Silver Moves


Passed Basic Skills Level 8 and up


Skaters of any level


Skaters 18+ years of age

Skating Attire

Proper skating attire is required for all LSA sessions. Skaters must wear figure skates and not hockey skates. Female skaters should wear skating dresses or skirts, skate pants, or other athletic attire. Males should wear skating pants or other athletic attire. Jeans, jean shorts and street attire are not allowed.

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