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Junior Academy Aspire

This program provides a jump start to enthusiastic beginner level skaters. Participants will enjoy on- and off-ice instruction and practice time and will be exposed to different facets of the sport, including jumps, spins, moves in the field, synchronized team, and dance. Junior Academy Aspire will meet during the Learn to Skate time, with an additional off-ice class following the on-ice portion on at least one day. See the schedule & registration page for times.

The Junior Academy Aspire Aspire program for Summer 2021 includes:

Monday Nights

  • 30 minutes of on-ice instruction
  • 30 minutes of on-ice practice

Wednesday Nights

  • 30 minutes of on-ice practice
  • 30 minutes of on-ice instruction
  • Choice of either 30 minutes of off-ice class/conditioning OR 30 minute synchronized skating class

The cost for the Junior Academy Aspire program is at a discount of over 15% off the full class rate.

Junior Academy Aspire Schedule & Registration

schedule & registration