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Learn to Skate Class Levels

Louisville Skating Academy offers Learn to Skate classes for skaters of all ages (3 years old +) and levels in a professional, fun and safe environment. Classes follow the guidelines and curriculum set forth by Learn to Skate USA, which is nationally recognized and endorsed by US Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and US Speed Skating.

Each learn-to-skate session meets weekly for one hour, consisting of a half hour group lesson taught by qualified professionals and a half hour of practice time. Skaters are divided by age and skill level for the group lesson segment of the session.

Registration for learn-to-skate is conducted online. Skaters who do not pre-enroll may walk-in and register on the first day of class; however, these skaters will be charged an additional $10 paper processing fee. Payments online and in person are non-refundable.

Snowplow Sam 1-3

Open to skaters 3 to 5 years old. Skaters learn to skate forward and backwards, hop, dip, etc.

Basic 1

Open to beginning skaters ages 6 and up. Skaters learn to skate forwards and backwards and stop.

Basic 2

Open to those skaters who have passed all Snowplow Sam levels, Basic 1 or ISI Pre-Alpha or those skaters who have skated several times and move comfortably on the ice. More emphasis is given to backward skating, balancing on one foot, and edge control.

Basic 3-4

Open to those skaters who have passed USFSA Basic 2 or ISI Alpha. Lessons include stroking, crossovers, turning from forward to backward, gliding backwards, and beginning spins.

Basic 5-6

Open to those skaters who have passed USFSA Basic 4 or ISIBeta. Lessons include three-turns, backward crossovers, entry level jumps and spins, spirals, lunges, etc.

Pre-Free Skate

Open to those skaters who have passed USFSA Basic 6 or ISI Delta. Lessons include mohawks, step sequences, waltz jumps, scratch spins, etc.

Free Skate 1-2

Open to those skaters who have passed Pre Free Skate. Lessons include toe loops, salchows, backward three turns, back spins, consecutive edges, etc.

Free Skate 3-4

Lessons include loop jumps, split jumps, advancing spins, moves in the field sequences, etc.

Free Skate 5-6

Lessons include flip, lutz and axel jumps; sit, camel and layback spins; combination jumps and spins; moves in the field sequences, etc.


Open to beginning and advanced Adult skaters who wish to learn to skate and/or improve their skills in a mixed level group setting.

Learn to Skate USA

Learn to Skate Schedule & Registration

Learn to Skate Registration

LSA Receives National Recognition

Skating Magazine, the official magazine of US Figure Skating, has named LSA's learn-to-skate program as one of the largest in the country.

The Professional Skating Association has once again recognized LSA as an Excellence on Ice training program.

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