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Learn to Skate Membership Instructions

Historically, LSA has covered the annual Learn to Skate USA membership fee at no additional charge to program participants. However, due to the rising costs of operation and technical limitations with our registration system, Louisville Skating Academy is now asking all Learn to Skate participants to cover the cost of their $20 annual membership fee to Learn to Skate USA.

If you have not purchased a Learn to Skate, Introductory, or Full membership to Louisville Skating Academy for this 2021-2022 season, then please follow these steps to register for Late Fall Learn to Skate or Aspire:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the second tab on the left for New Members (Apply for Membership)
  3. Either create a new family account or add a family member to an existing account
  4. New families must validate their e-mail address.
  5. Choose the Apply/Renew tab (on drop-down menu on mobile device)
  6. Under Membership Type option choose "Learn to Skate" (if you are curious about the benefits of upgrading to an Introductory membership, ).
  7. Enter Emergency Contact Info and Sign Waivers
  8. Process another family member, if necessary. Go to shopping cart and checkout.
  9. Log into your account again and visit the Contract Ice tab (second from far right).
  10. Select Late Fall Learn to Skate and proceed according to the instructions.

For future sessions this membership year (until June), you will simply login to your "Existing Member" Louisville Skating Academy account in entryeeze and purchase your Learn to Skate or Aspire sessions (as you did beginning with step #9 above).

If you have already purchased an LSA Introductory or Full membership for this 2021-2022 season, then you do not need to do anything extra at this time to register for Learn to Skate or Aspire. You will simply log in to your "Existing Member" LSA account on entryeeze and purchase your Late Fall Learn to Skate or Aspire session just as you purchase other contract ice.

The first couple of times in the entryeeze system can be confusing, but we promise that it gets easier!

Thank you for your understanding, support, and participation.

About Louisville Skating Academy

Louisville Skating Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of figure skating in the Louisville area by encouraging an environment of good sportsmanship while striving to provide training opportunities to meet the needs of all levels of skaters in achieving their personal goals from recreational skating to competition at national and international events.


If you have any problems, or need assistance finding your login info, please contact:

Sarah Neil, LSA Learn-to-Skate Director, Artistic Director



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